Sky Photo, Inc. provides low-altitude high resolution imagery from ground based remote-controlled craft.  Our craft are controlled by two operators: a pilot, and camera operator.  By assigning the piloting and photography duties to separate controllers, we are able to focus our efforts on providing well composed and uniquely oriented imaging, that offers dramatic and unparalleled aerial photographs.

We implement high resolution dSLR cameras with minimum sensor pixel densities of 18MP and a maximum density of 23 Megapixels.  This allows for hard copy prints as large as 6 feet wide.  Perfect for a conference room or job site trailer, our large format aerial prints are priceless tools that facilitate project coordination between your team members. And when time is of the essence, our ground-based approach can allow for same-day on-site image delivery, to satisfy the most stringent of schedules.

To start planning aerial imaging for your project, contact Sky Photo today.

Andrew Kowalyshyn | Sky Photo, Inc.

Andrew Kowalyshyn

President, Project Manager

Andrew Kowalyshyn is the founder and co-owner of Sky Photo, Inc. Andrew graduated from the University of Hartford in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, and he has 14 years of experience in architectural acoustics, industrial vibration isolation, environmental noise control, and project management.

Through his vast engineering experience he has acquired extensive knowledge of construction and job site etiquette, the team coordination process, and the attention to detail that is necessary for the completion of a successful project. He has also worked as a freelance commercial and event photographer since 2008 with his own photography business, AK Photo, LLC.

Brian Stanback | Sky Photo, Inc.

Brian Stanback

Vice President, Technical Director

Brian Stanback is Vice President and co-owner of Sky Photo, Inc., and also serves as Technical Director. Graduating in 2009, Brian holds a BS in Computer Science from Colorado State University. As a software engineer, Brian has over 12 years of experience developing mobile and web applications.

Having been involved with software, electrical engineering, and photography from a young age, Brian brings a deep technical knowledge to the team and a passion for capturing stunning imagery.