Colorado Aerial Photography

Public satellite images help us plan and prepare for your project.

Working With Sky Photo

A typical project with Sky Photo starts with a Site Survey. This entails a review of your project site, either with construction drawings or publicly available satellite imagery, to select desirable locations for obtaining the best possible photos of your project. After selecting locations from where we will photograph your site, we will schedule a time for the shoot and coordinate site access with you and your team.

Timing a Site Survey shoot is a critical element of our photographic process. We we want to use available natural lighting to create dramatic and eye-catching photographs. We must also consider weather and site conditions to ensure our safety standards are met at all times.

Online Client Galleries

Each survey generates a minimum of 30 photos, and often times many more. Every photo is loaded into a secure online client proof gallery, for your review and distribution among your team members. See a sample client aerial gallery below:

Sample Site Survey Gallery

We maintain our client galleries for up to a year after the shoot date for quick reference and client convenience. Client galleries can be kept online for extended periods of time, or to satisfy longer project schedules, upon request.

Sky Photo Ground Station - Real Time First Person View (FPV)

Sky Photo Ground Station – Providing a Real Time First Person View (FPV)

Real Time Image Review

To facilitate coordination with your creative and marketing teams, we are able to offer real time first-person-view (FPV) monitoring during our Site Surveys via our ground station. Our ground station provides an FPV live view through our camera’s lens, so you can see the shoot as it takes place. You will see the video stream as the camera flies over your site, and the replay of each image as it is taken. It is just as if you were looking through the viewfinder yourself!

Being able to provide you with a view of the photos as they happen allows for instant feedback and on site coordination with your creative team, to ensure specific angles and images are provided to satisfy your creative goals.

Rush Delivery

Our field equipment can give us the ability to provide same-day on-site rush image delivery, when requested, if meeting a stringent project schedule or a quick turn around is imperative.

Sky Photo offers same day service for time sensitive projects

Sky Photo offers same day service for time sensitive projects


With our ground based operation, no longer will you be left wondering when your photographer is flying overhead, or when your photos will arrive. At Sky Photo, we schedule our Site Surveys direct with our clients, so they know exactly when we will be on site taking photographs. This also allows for our clients to observe the photography process as it takes place, and for direct collaboration with creative directors and graphics designers.

If our schedule allows (and the weather is in agreement), we can even perform your aerial photography on the same day you call. This provides tremendous flexibility with our clients, and confidence that a timeline for image delivery will be met.

To get your project on our photo schedule, contact us today!

We offer commercial licenses for all of your marketing needs

We offer commercial licenses for all of your marketing needs

Standard License

All of our images are provided with our standard internal-use license. This allows for distribution among your own team, or with a project Owner, sub-consultants and contractors for quick and simple coordination. Images for each project are delivered via USB sticks and can be distributed individually or via your online client gallery.

Commercial Use License

As photographers we understand the demands of marketing and advertising professionals, and as such, we’ve tiered our licensing options to satisfy your design needs and project budget. Perpetual commercial licenses are available in exclusive and non-exclusive options, with a variety of image sizes and resolutions available, depending on your specific project’s requirements. From web use, to business cards, or marketing mailers to large wall prints, our high resolution images will help you achieve your goals. See our commercial licensing options below:

License Type Image Size Resolution (PPI) File Type License Duration
Survey / Small 1,500 px 72 .JPG Perpetual
Medium 2,600 px 240 .JPG Perpetual
Large / Original 4,600 – 5,300 px* 240 .JPG Perpetual
RAW 4,600 – 5,300 px* .CR2 Perpetual

*Original and RAW dimensions are dependent upon camera used and/or final image crop.